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The Story of Westerville Way Logo

Loretta Sherwood, a Westerville North Graduate from the class of 2000, designed the Westerville Way Logo during the summer of 2001. Loretta used the Pillar of Character to symbolize the 6 Pillars of Character Education from the Joseph & Edna Josephson Institute of Ethics. Knowing that the entire community of Westerville would join efforts, Loretta depicted a segment of our City of Westerville logo that features the beautiful trees in our city. The Westerville City School logo which includes a school bell symbolizes our youth, which will be the future of our city.

(The Westerville Way logo may be reproduced on printed materials such as newsletters, posters, websites, table tents, ads, etc. using a camera-ready stat of the logo. For other logo items (such as t-shirts, hats, sports uniforms, etc.), please consult the Westerville Way office for consideration and logo guidelines.)

Logo Story Graphic

  The Westerville Way is all about character, community, and commitment.