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Over 20 years ago, the Sunrise Rotary Club of Westerville, Ohio, initiated the 'I CAN' Program in many elementary classrooms within the Westerville City Schools. In support of the mission, the Noon Rotary Club of Westerville joined them to reach over 3,000 elementary and high school students during this time period. Elementary children have been taught the I CAN Program by local Rotarians who are teamed with local high school students. The I CAN Program was originated by Zig Ziglar's 'I CAN Curriculum.'

The I CAN Program is taught regularly on a weekly basis throughout the school year. In helping to develop Character Education, we teach the elementary students the ABC's of life-Attitude, Behavior, and Character. To accomplish this goal, we teach the students to build a solid foundation, first by introducing them to the elements of a strong base consisting of Honesty, Character, Loyalty, Trust, Integrity and Love. Once the foundation is built, they progress up the 'Stairway to Success'. Each step of the stairway is a section in the I CAN curriculum, which helps them in attaining success throughout their lives, and focuses on Attitude, Self-Image, Relationships, Goal Setting and Patriotism.

The Westerville Way and the I CAN Program have joined hands since the Westerville Way's inception. The I CAN Program introduces our students to the "Word of the Month," initiated by the Westerville Way Program. Each class is started by the Rotarian facilitator reviewing the word of the month and elaborating on the meaning throughout the I CAN Curriculum.

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Don Denton, Chairperson

  The Westerville Way is all about character, community, and commitment.