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Fact Sheet

Name of the Community-wide effort:

The Westerville Way
Tag line for the effort: Character.Community.Commitment.
Objective: The Westerville Way is our effort to support and nurture the shared virtues of our community.
Why should you embrace the effort? Everyone benefits when we model and encourage ethical behavior.
Who will be participating?

The Westerville Way is a community-wide initiative and it will take all us to help communicate the messages and words of month.
Participants include: all Westerville area schools and universities, pre-schools, childcare providers, home-schools, students, families, businesses, the City of Westerville, Westerville Parks and Rec., local churches, civic organizations, senior citizen groups, Westerville Library, and you!

How can my group do its part? Place the words of the month in a great location in your area of business: Lobby, bulletin boards, newsletters, register receipts, community fliers, agendas, etc.

Share or discuss the "words of the month" with your employees or those around you. Exemplify the behavior. Be a role model!

Embrace and the support the program throughout the community. The more we discuss the messages the more people will listen.

Create a product with The Westerville Way theme: t-shirts, pottery, hanging signs, something that you could sell to your customers to remind them of shared virtues for a better community.

The Westerville Way logo may be reproduced on printed materials such as newsletters, posters, websites, table tents, ads, etc. using a camera-ready stat of the logo. For other logo'd items (such as t-shirts, hats, sports uniforms, etc.) please consult The Westerville Way office for consideration and logo guidelines.

How will the program be measured? Evidence of the community's commitment.

What type of recognition does my group receive for helping?

We'd like to share your involvement through the Chamber newsletters, school newsletters, local media, The Westerville Way website, etc. Please let our contacts know what you are doing to share the The Westerville Way and we'll let others know.
How do I reach The Westerville Way?

Contact: The Westerville City Schools

Jennifer Knapp, Director Curriculum & Instruction
936 Eastwind Dr., Suite #200
Westerville, OH 43081
Phone: 614-797-5888 Fax: 614-797-5701

e-mail: wvilleway@wcsoh.org

  The Westerville Way is all about character, community, and commitment.