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The Westerville Way: Character, Community, and Commitment

For many years, Westerville administrators and teachers have integrated character education in the classroom because of a belief that childrens' education consists of more than reading, science, and arithmetic. The Westerville Way is a community-wide effort to support and nurture Westerville virtues in a formalized manner. . .in our classrooms, in our businesses, and in our homes.

Each month, Westerville school teachers and administrators will encourage ethical behavior in relation to a specific word. The twelve monthly words, beginning with September, are respect, citizenship, tolerance, caring, attitude, honesty, perseverance, trustworthy, responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and fairness. We encourage you to consider methods to incorporate these "words of the month" in your homes and businesses by posting the monthly words on bulletin boards, posting signs supporting the program in areas of business, or simply discussing the words at home.

In Westerville, we all have a role in modeling these community virtues. Our community as a whole, and every child, can benefit from collaborative efforts in demonstrating The Westerville Way. Through our actions, Westerville will become an even better place to live and work.

We hope that you embrace this effort. The more we discuss these values, the more they become a part of our everyday lives. For more information about The Westerville Way and how to get involved, please call (614) 797-5888.


John Kellogg, Ed.D.
Westerville City Schools

David Collinsworth
City Manager
City of Westerville
Janet Davis
Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce

  The Westerville Way is all about character, community, and commitment.