Math + Science Connection

Bring math and science home for young learners

Lay the foundation for math and science success—by showing parents how to help at home.

As young children start to explore their world, their parents’ influence is critical. Yet math and science are areas where parents are most likely to feel uncertain about how to help.

Math + Science Connection, Beginning Edition, is written for the parents of pre-K through 2nd grade children. It gives parents simple tips and activities to bring math & science home every day. Math + Science Connection covers

    • counting, sorting, and sets
    • number operations
    • shapes and geometric relationships
    • measuring and weighing objects
    • estimation
    • graphing and data analysis
    • problem solving
    • weather and space
    • rocks, soil, water, and wind
    • animals and plants
    • tools and man-made inventions
    • solids, liquids, and gases
    • light, heat, and magnets
    • forces of motion
    • and more!

(Reproduced with permission from Resources for Educators, copyrighted by Resources for Educators, a Division of CCH Incorporated)


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